Can Rabbits Wear Collars or Harnesses Safely?

Rabbits can make excellent companions, and many choose to bring them into their homes as pets. Like any other pet, rabbits need essential equipment, such as cages and litter boxes, and certain accessories, such as collars or harnesses. 

However, many people wonder whether it is safe for rabbits to wear a collar or harness. This post will explore whether rabbits can wear collars and harnesses safely and answer this age-old question. 

It will discuss the risks and benefits of collars and harnesses on rabbits and the options available to pet owners who want to provide their rabbits with some extra security and peace of mind. It will also offer tips on choosing a suitable collar or harness for your rabbit and how to use it safely. 

By the end of this post, you should better understand whether or not your rabbit is safe to wear a collar or harness.

Should A Rabbit Wear A Collar?

Rabbit owners should put an ID tag on their pet’s collar in case of an escape. A bell could be attached to the thin, lightweight collar to help you keep track of your inside bunny when she’s hopping around the house. This can be especially useful for keeping tabs on your bunny when it gets active and adventurous!

Can Rabbits Wear Harnesses?

Agility training can be enhanced with a harness, as suggested by the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society. While some rabbits may appreciate the activity, others may prefer to avoid participating. 

Therefore, when endeavoring to walk your rabbit on a leash, it is advised to use a harness.

Are Harnesses Okay for Rabbits?

Harnesses are an acceptable form of restraint for rabbits. However, it is essential to do so safely and appropriately. Rabbits should be supervised when harnessing to ensure the fit is comfortable and secure. 

It is essential to monitor the rabbit’s behavior while wearing a harness to ensure they are not exhibiting signs of distress. Additionally, it is necessary to select a harness that is appropriately sized and designed for rabbits. 


If used properly, a harness can be a great tool to help keep a rabbit safe and secure while outdoors. It is essential to take the time to fit a saddle to a rabbit properly and only to use a harness when necessary.

Breakaway collars are a valuable tool for pet owners and help keep cats safe and secure.

The vest or Coat Harness

This harness is designed to fit snugly around your rabbit, like a vest. Many of these harnesses feature a Velcro closure at the neck and waist, although some may come with snaps or buttons. It is essential to ensure the harness fits correctly before taking your rabbit outdoors.

Shoulder Harness

Rabbit agility enthusiasts often prefer these harnesses, which can be custom-ordered or found in online stores. Each harness features a ring at the top, allowing you to attach a leash. Please note that your rabbit may take some time to become accustomed to the saddle.

Risk Of Putting A Collar On Your Rabbits

Rabbits are very active pets and can experience serious injury when wearing a collar. The most common injuries include paws and mouth stuck to the collar, hair abrasion because of the thin skin around their neck, and strangulation if they get their collar caught on something while playing. 

It’s essential to keep an eye on your rabbit while wearing a collar to ensure he isn’t struggling too much or putting himself in danger.

When Do You Use a Rabbit Collar?

Rabbits are often fitted with collars to protect them from predators and discourage chewing on valuables, such as furniture or ropes. In addition, collars can be used as a training tool to reduce biting behaviors.


But What About Breakaway Collars?

Breakaway collars are an essential safety feature for cats and other pets. They are designed to snap open when pressure is applied, allowing them to escape potential danger. 

This is especially important for cats, as they have a natural curiosity and may become trapped if they become tangled in something. Breakaway collars are also a great way to ensure cats are easily identifiable when they are outside of the home – they can be used to attach ID tags, which can be very helpful if a pet is lost or stolen.

The Benefits of using a Collar on a Rabbit

A collar on your pet rabbit can be very beneficial. Not only does it make it easier to locate if your little furry one manages to make a break out of the house, but a collar with a bell attached will allow you to keep track of them when they are outside. 

Additionally, having a collar may deter rabbits from chewing valuable furniture or electrical cords around your home. When choosing a collar for your rabbit, you can now do so with the peace of mind knowing all these great benefits that come with it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Harness Train a Rabbit

Harness training rabbits is a great way to give them exercise and enrichment. To start, purchase a comfortable, safe, adjustable harness and leash appropriate for the size of your rabbit. Make sure the harness has secure fasteners and fits appropriately yet comfortably. 

Allow your rabbit to become comfortable with the harness by initially putting it on for short periods and rewarding it with treats. Once your rabbit is no longer scared of the saddle, attach the leash and let them explore its surroundings. 

Start with short leash training sessions and gradually increase the time. When your rabbit is comfortable and familiar with the harness, you can take them on walks. With patience and consistency, your rabbit will soon become a great walking partner.

Final Thoughts:

Rabbits can safely wear collars or harnesses as long as they are the right size and fit securely. It’s essential to check the collar or harness’s fit often to ensure it isn’t too tight and to look out for signs of discomfort or injury. 

With the proper precautions, rabbits can enjoy the freedom and fun of wearing a collar or harness safely and comfortably.

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