Do you Know How Much Is Rabbit Food Costs Monthly

Have you been thinking about getting a pet rabbit? Or maybe you already have one rabbit but don’t know How Much is Rabbit Food Costs? 

Rabbits are cute little creatures that have been domesticated and kept as pets by many people around the world. While you must remember that they are still wild animals and need proper care.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is the fact that these animals need special food in order to survive and stay strong. 

If so, this article will tell you all that and more, including How Much Rabbit Food Costs and the best places to buy it from. The price of rabbits isn’t too steep, though there are various factors that play into it, so read on!

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What does a Rabbit Eat? 

Rabbits are naturally herbivores and should eat a diet composed primarily of fresh vegetables and high-quality hay.

That said, they’re still strict herbivores who won’t benefit from proteins or grains. You can buy specially formulated rabbit food, but you can also find recipes online for homemade diets (Check out Feed a Rabbit for ideas).

Rabbits need lots of freshwaters to stay hydrated; if your bunny is living indoors with you and using a water bottle, make sure it’s changed regularly (every few days).

This will keep your bunny safe from disease— and his litter box clean! Remember: Treats should be a rare exception— not a regular occurrence.

Healthy rabbits can live up to 12 years on a proper diet, so it’s important to make sure you’re choosing quality rabbit food. 

Rabbit pellets are a good choice for rabbit food and they make up most of a rabbit’s diet. Rabbit pellets are more concentrated than hay so feed less.

They are made out of alfalfa, oat, Timothy or other grasses, clover, timothy, and other forage crops. 

The protein in pellets ranges from 13 percent to 20 percent, fiber from 3 percent to 5 percent, and fat from 3 percent to 6 percent. 

Pellets also contain vitamins A, D3, and E as well as riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), thiamine (B1), and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and some trace minerals. 

How Much are Rabbit Food Costs?

Do you know How Much Rabbit Food Costs? Most small breed rabbits eat 2-3 oz of pellets a day. Your average bag usually comes in around 12 lbs or an average of $20-$30 (plus shipping). 

Depending on how many rabbit pellets you purchase a month and what brand you choose; estimating your monthly feeding expense comes out to approximately $10 -$15 a month!

This calculation doesn’t include hay. Hay is essential to keep teeth worn down and maintain a healthy digestive system in rabbits.

But if you keep your rabbit indoors, they don’t really need it – but if they are outside running around all day, they will naturally munch on grasses and shrubs at times which can be quite expensive!

Rabbit’s weight based on breedPellets per day (In ounces)Cost per month
Small breed (1–4 pounds)2-4 ounces$30-$60
Medium breed (5 to 10 pounds)3– 4 ounces$50-$70
Large breed ( 8 and 12 pounds)4 – 8 ounces$60-$130

We only feed her about 1kg per month. If you choose to buy it from amazon, then buying in bulk can help you save money. 

Small breed hay bales will cost you $40, the medium breed is $55 and the large breed is $70-80. With a rabbit’s appetite and weight, you can expect to spend around $100 every month.

You don’t want to waste money on food that your rabbit won’t eat.

Also, you certainly don’t want to waste money on food when your rabbit can get the nutrients from something else, like a small amount of hay or green vegetables that are grown in your own backyard or bought from the market. 

We would highly recommend not spending too much on food because it’s better to spend that money on socializing your rabbit or improving their living conditions. 

Hay is important, but it’s also a luxury. In terms of necessity, you will be satisfied with 1kg per month. If you want to save money, then buy from local farms and in bulk. 

how much is rabbit food costs by petfoodit


Knowing what kinds of foods and nutrients rabbits need will help you know the price of rabbit food costs and set you up for a healthy bunny friend that will live with you for years to come!

Rabbit WeightLeafy Greens per DayPellets Foods per Day
2 lbs.1 cup2 tbsp
3 lbs.1.5 cups3 tbsp
4 lbs.2 cups¼ cup
5 lbs.2.5 cups1 tbsp + ¼ cup
6 lbs.3 cups2 tbsp + ¼ cup
7 lbs.3.5 cups3 tbsp + ¼ cup
8 lbs.4 cups½ cup
9 lbs.4.5 cups1 tbsp + ½ cup
10 lbs.5 cups2 tbsp + ½ cup

Rabbit Pellets vs. Hay

With hay, your rabbit will be extremely satisfied. Hay helps their digestion and gives them a good quality of life.

If you’re in an apartment and have limited space, then a large box full of hay is your best bet! Don’t feel pressured to buy more than 1kg if you can afford it. 

Buying more won’t make your rabbit happier or healthier (unless it has digestive issues).

Rabbits come in a variety of sizes and ages, so it’s important to understand how much food you need to keep your bunny happy and healthy.

 Rabbit pellets can be a great choice for pet owners who want to feed their rabbit hay-free. However, some pet owners are concerned about cost — is feeding your bunny pellets actually more expensive than feeding hay? 

Depending on where you buy your rabbit’s food, prices can vary significantly: Pellets are typical $5–$15 per 5-pound bag, while one bale of hay can cost anywhere from $4–$15. 

Consider buying larger bales for better value. Pet owners can save about $4–$10 per 5-pound bag when they buy a large bale, which is typically around 10 pounds or more.

You can also buy your pellets in bulk at farm supply stores to save even more money — some packages are over 20 pounds and retail for less than $20. 

As long as you can store them properly (most pellets don’t last longer than three months if stored well), buying in bulk can be a convenient way to ensure you always have food on hand.

Where to Buy Rabbit Food

Do you know how Much Rabbit Food Costs? Most small breed rabbits eat 2-3 oz of pellets a day.

Your average bag usually comes in around 12 lbs or an average of $20-$30 (plus The cost depends on your location, whether you get supplies from a pet store or an online pet supply retailer.

It also depends on how many rabbits you buy and how much hay you plan to feed them each day. 

how much is rabbit food costs by petfoodit

There are a lot of places to buy rabbit food, but not all feed stores carry brands that meet your pet’s nutritional needs. 

Check out Amazon, pet supply, and hardware stores for starter kits, and do some research on what’s available in your area before you choose a seller. 

That way, you can be sure you’re getting food that meets your rabbit’s unique dietary requirements. 

Kaytee Food from The Wild Rabbit

Kaytee Food from The Wild Rabbit is made specifically for rabbits and bunnies over 6 months old. 

This food contains a medley of ingredients such as Timothy Hay, carrot, marigold, rose petal, and spinach which are all-natural wild rabbit food items found in nature. 

It also does not contain any alfalfa which can be harmful to bunnies who have allergies or sensitivities to it


Rabbits can make wonderful pets, but their price tag might make you think twice before adopting one. Don’t let the cost of rabbits scare you away from this adorable critter! 

Please take care to feed your rabbit a proper diet. Follow our guidelines and suggestions, and don’t let price guide your decision. 

If you are concerned with cost, consider other alternatives such as using hay as part of their diet. A healthy diet is a key to ensuring they live long, happy lives. That may sound corny but I believe it’s true!

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