6 Ways to Keeping Rabbit’s Nails Short Without Cutting

Clipping your rabbit’s nails regularly is part of grooming to prevent the nails from getting too Clipping your rabbit’s nails regularly is part of grooming to prevent the nails from getting too long.

Because it causes discomfort when they walk around, dig, or even when sitting down. Do you know how rabbits’ nails are short without cutting?

But did you know that clipping your rabbit’s nails doesn’t have to be difficult? Besides, have you wondered how wild rabbits deal with their ever-growing nails? 

Yes! you got it right there are some natural processes to keep their nails in shape. Wild Rabbits Nails Short Without Cutting in the wild by their natural activities like digging, running, and claiming trees.

rabbit's nails short without cutting

Read on to learn how to keep your rabbit’s nails short without cutting them, so you can make this task as easy and pleasant as possible for both you and your bunny.

How To Keep A Rabbit’s Nails Short Without Cutting?

There are 6 techniques that will make it super easy to keep your Rabbit’s Nails Short Without Cutting to give him an unpleasant and scary nail trimming!  Check out below. 

1. Use a rabbit scratching pad

It’s a good idea to give your rabbit an area for playing and digging that isn’t carpeted. These scratching pads are designed for rabbits and are safe as well as inexpensive.

You can also make one yourself by cutting a piece of carpeting into a circle shape, with an opening in its center large enough for your bunny to enter; use wire or rope to secure it in place on a shelf or ledge.

Hence, you can find lots of rabbit scratching pad options online. 

2. Giving them a Rough Mat to Dig and Scratch on

Some people swear by making a special scratching post for their pet, but all you need is a rough mat or some newspaper for your rabbit to dig and scratch on.

If you want to go fancy, there are plenty of options. If you have some carpet scraps laying around from renovations, try folding them into an origami-like rectangle and put them in your rabbit’s cage or pen.

3. Provide Space for them to Run Around and Playtime

Rabbits don’t live long when they’re confined in a small cage all day long. For their physical and mental health, rabbits need plenty of time to run around and play outside of their cage—at least several hours per day.

To ensure that your rabbit has enough time for playing around, make sure that you allow at least 4 hours per day for exercise and rabbit-proofing around your home.

4. Let them Dig in the Yard

One way of keeping your rabbit’s nails short is letting them dig in the dirt. This helps their nails wear down naturally as they dig and gives them something healthy to do besides gnawing on your furniture. 

Note that you’ll need a bunny-proofed yard, one where there are no plants or trees with delicate roots that can be uprooted by rabbits with wild instincts.

5. Provide Hard Surfaces to Walk on

The best thing you can do for your rabbit’s nails is provided him with a variety of hard surfaces he can walk on.

These will wear down his nails naturally, so there’s no need to clip them. Carpeting and bedding may be soft, but they won’t wear his nails down in any meaningful way.

6. Use a grinder instead of scissors

Another way to keep your Rabbit’s Nails Short Without Cutting is using a nail grinder or Dremel. This little tool grinds your pet’s nails down at a much faster rate than you could ever cut them with regular scissors. 

rabbit's nails short without cutting

Plus, it will keep their sensitive paws protected from cuts and scrapes. Grinders can be found at most pet stores, and usually run for less than $20. 

What if a rabbit’s nails are too long?

  • Make sure your rabbit spends lots of time in his cage or pen so that he doesn’t walk on or damage your furniture or carpet. 

  • Put a soft surface like an old towel under where your rabbit sits in his cage so that if he does scratch, it will be on something soft, not hardwood. 

  • Let him run around outside when possible and wear a collar with a bell to make him more visible to you and other animals. 

  • You can walk your rabbit or run him on a hard surface to help wear down his nails. If you’re not careful, you may end up with bloody bunny feet. 

  • Be sure to keep a close eye on them and stop before they get too long!

  • Don’t clip too close to their quick, which is right at their black tip- that’s where all blood vessels and nerves travel through their nails. If you accidentally clip there, bleeding could start.

  • Else, take your rabbit to a professional groomer who specializes in small pets every three weeks or so for nail trims between visits at home.

Final Tips

Rabbits have very sensitive skin and paws. When it comes to nail trimming, remember that you’re dealing with a fragile animal.

So, Rabbit’s Nails Short Without Cutting will be much easier if your rabbit is accustomed to being handled in general. However, you need to monitor the nail length regularly. 

If they get too long they can start to curl up at the ends which makes them more difficult to cut and creates an uncomfortable environment for your pet.

If you have any questions or concerns, ask your veterinarian for advice on what method of rabbit care works best for your pet.

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